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You Don’t Need a Filter

By: Christine Guerrero

Back when cameras were first created, people wanted to capture that exact moment in time. People wanted to keep everything the way it was and how it appeared. Nobody really cared if their hair was messed up, if their makeup looked bad or how they were dressed. They were too excited about technology advancing.

But now we live in a world where we take about 30 pictures of ourselves until we get the right one. The one where we look slimmer and it has our “good side.” After we choose the right one, we have to add a filter and maybe even Photoshop our teeth whiter or take that pimple off. I am here to tell you that you don’t need filters or edits. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. BE YOU.

I was recently watching an episode of American Idol last week where this girl auditioned and sounded beautiful. Katy Perry asked why she hasn’t pursued singing before, and the girl replied, “Because I don’t look like the other girls.” Of course, I was just as mind blown as the judges. We have turned into a society that thinks we aren’t good enough just because of how we look.

Today, filters are harming our self-esteem. We scroll on Instagram and question why we don’t look like a famous model or celebrity. So, I challenge you to delete the apps that make you feel like you have to do that. For the next month, take pictures of yourself and friends just the way it looks. No filters, no edits, no Photoshop. We are meant to look different from each other because we are all unique and rare.

“Self-confidence is the best filter.”

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