What Your Favorite Color Says About You

By Cara Chiaramonte

Think of your favorite color — the first color that comes to your mind. Don’t second-guess it. This color can actually help you learn quite a bit about yourself. Whether you’re pedantic purple or mature maroon, your favorite color can give you insight into why you act the way you do or how others perceive you. See if your favorite color matches with your traits and personal views.


Red: People who choose red as their favorite color usually have a “zest for life.” This strong color signifies someone persevering, even impetuous. He or she is ready to live free and easy but can sometimes become irritable.

Black: If you admire this hue, you relate to an outwardly peculiar group of people with creative minds. They sometimes prefer to keep their opinions or achievements to themselves.

Purple: This is my favorite color. Although we can sometimes seem unapproachable or arrogant, us purples are a creatively open-minded bunch. We’re not afraid to take risks, and we constantly search for ways to set ourselves apart.

Orange: These people are social butterflies. Although they sometimes have a knack for theatrics, people who love orange tend to be friendly, active and courageous.

Green: People who love green the most are devoted and considerate. They’re great friends. However, their reserved nature can put them in awkward situations where others take advantage.

Yellow: Those who prefer yellow are “mentally adventurous.” These high-minded people find happiness in sharing their humor and opinions with others.

Maroon: This color indicates maturation. Maroon lovers are often altruistic and may have been involved in some of life’s greatest hardships. His or her personality usually coincides with someone who likes red.

Blue: These people are dependable. They always think about others before acting, which can sometimes lead to worrying too much, but they’re usually some of the most trustworthy and responsible people around.

(Sources: Psychology Today, “The Healing Power of Color” by Betty Wood via Care2.com)

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