What is Self-Care Really About?

By Savannah Hill

If you head over to any social media platform you’ll probably find one of your friends using the hashtag ‘self-care Sunday.’ The picture attached to this caption might be a photo of them taking a bath using a luxury bath bomb or their shopping haul from the day. Self-care is on trend now, and that’s great for all of mankind.

Taking time out of your busy day, week or month is crucial in maintaining not only your mental health but also your physical health. In the past, it seemed like a busy person had to put their mental stability on the back burner because of the type of work they do or because they’re a parent or because of a million other reasons that stop people from putting themselves first every once in a while. Besides the fact that keeping your feelings in check is important to you functioning as a human being, it’s also important in functioning better as an employee, parent or friend.

The important thing to remember is that self-care doesn’t just involve the things we see on our Instagram feeds. While treating yourself to gifts and things you wouldn’t allow yourself to purchase on an everyday basis is a good way to practice self-care, it certainly isn’t the only way.

Something as simple an inexpensive as taking 30 minutes to go on a walk by yourself when it’s really nice outside can be really affective for clearing your mind and allowing yourself to think. We surround ourselves with people every day and while socialization can help improve our mood and release endorphins, alone time is still necessarily for even the most social butterfly. With social media and the way we’re constantly connected through our phones and computers, a break from the 24/7 cycle of interaction can provide for some much needed reflection.

Baths are another great way to get away from the rest of the world and just relax without anything else clogging your train of thought. They are a great way to unwind physically. Bath products are everywhere now, so if you want to spice it up a bit throw in some salts or a bath bomb. Even without the added pizzazz, a regular bath can be your own little sanctuary.

As we get older, we have less and less time to pursue non-essential things we enjoy. For instance, I love reading, but between work, finishing my degree and maintaining a social life, I don’t have much time to read. Setting aside an hour a day, or maybe less if you’re short on time, to read or work on a hobby that you’re passionate about can bring you so much joy. Reading at the end of the day grounds me and helps me destress after insanely long days.

At the end of the day, self-care is about you as an individual making time to allow yourself some individuality. If you need to cancel plans to lay in bed and just mentally decompress, do it. Don’t stress yourself out over needing a brain break, because it’s something we should all be doing. So the next time you see a #selfcaresunday post, give it a like and consider making some time for some self-care of your own.

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