Wellness Wednesday: Get into Shape with YouTube – Quick Ab Exercises

By Kendrick Brown

Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re going to get back into shape starting next week. Forget that! Take 10 minutes right now and do these exercises.

HASfit is a YouTube channel ran by Joshua Kozak. He coaches viewers through various workout routines with daily uploads dedicated to specific body parts, such as abs and arms. He also does sports exercises, like mixed martial arts and kickboxing.

Here are five exercises he posted on Monday as a part of that day’s abdominal routine. They are all minute-long floor exercises that require no additional equipment.

1.   Sprinters

2.   Low Plank

3.   Jack Knife

4.   High Plank Kickthroughs

5.   Chest Touch

After you’re done with these, have a go at this 15-minute non-stop mixed martial arts circuit workout. This also doesn’t require any additional equipment; only will power.

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