Welcome to the Real Issue

Hello and welcome to the blog for the Orange and Blue Magazine: Real Issue.

This fall semester, the Orange and Blue staff plans to focus on the real.

When choosing our issue theme, we continually questioned “what is real?”

“In a world of technocrats, what is real becomes increasingly blurred with what is projected or envisioned,” said Melanie Prescott, one of our copy editors.

Words that come to mind when we think of real are:

  • raw
  • soul-bearing
  • authentic
  • honest
  • natural
  • wholesome
  • genuine

Our blogs plan to strip away the facade of life and focus on the real.

We plan to explore real through people, fashion, society, culture, college, festivals, drinks, food, literature, music, sports and more.

Keep checking in on our blogs throughout the semester!


The Orange and Blue staff


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