Unconventional Power Couples

By Elayza Gonzalez

Sorry Jay and Bey, but it’s time someone else gets their day in the sun (even though you’ll always be #GOALS).

Power couples are defined as two individuals who are equally strong, independent and dynamic and together can conquer the world. In today’s day and age, it’s important to acknowledge power couples don’t need to consist of a man and a woman in a romantic relationship. In fact, some reasons why power couples are so powerful is because they’re friends first and lovers second.

Whether you’re the Chrissy to someone’s John or the Gayle to someone’s Oprah, find someone who is in sync with you; who can help you overcome all obstacles; who has an unwavering support for you and who complements you like avocado complements toast. If romance comes out of it, then that’s an added bonus.

These are some examples of underrated couples who have proven that together they’re more powerful than apart:

Tina & Amy

For more than 20 years, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have set the gold standard when it comes to comedy and friendship. The two first met as improv comedians and eventually made history by becoming the first female co-anchors on SNL’s Weekend Update. Whether they’re making movies or roasting Hollywood A-Listers at the Golden Globes, these two prove real friends can stand the test of time and showbiz.

Barack & Joe

Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are the definition of #FriendshipGoals. Their legacy includes nominating the first Hispanic (and female) Supreme Court Justice, creating health care for all with Obamacare and witnessing Love Win when the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage was a national right. They made history together all while rocking friendship bracelets.

Jennifer & Emma

Six Academy Award nominations, two wins and both under 30 years old — Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are shaping the new generation of Hollywood. Despite their commercial success and critical triumphs, what makes this duo so special is how relatable they are. This is the type of friend you’re equal parts obsessed with, jealous of and want to be a part of.

Justin & Jimmy

One has 10 Grammy Awards plus a newly released album, while the other is the host of The Tonight Show, but together, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have a bromance for the ages. When they’re not hosting SNL together, or reviewing the History of Rap, they “bro-bike” through the Hamptons and ride off into the sunset.

Albert & Alberta

Last, but certainly not least, is UF’s very own power couple. Since 1986, Albert and Alberta have rolled through the streets of The Swamp as symbols of the Gator Nation. Together, they embody loyalty, pride and spirit, but more importantly, they prove that life is greater when you have someone to share it with.  




One thought on “Unconventional Power Couples

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