Trend Alert: Essential Oils

By Stefano Ferreyros

Essential oils seem to be everywhere now.

They’re not just in small bottles for diffusers. They can be seen in roller bottles and sprays. Walmart has them and most drug stores have them, but why?

According to many, essential oils have many benefits from stress relief, sleep aid, skin care and more.

It does help that they smell good, and many celebrities have jumped on the trend, including Kesha, Gwyneth Paltrow, RuPaul and model Miranda Kerr, who used oils to help her get over her breakup with Orlando Bloom.

There are many pairings for many different reasons. If you want to feel relaxed, add some drops of lavender essential oil into your diffuser, and it’ll help alleviate the feeling of anxiety and stress. You can help heal a wound by treating it with vapor from tea tree oil, as well as use tea tree as a skin cleanser. Make it citrusy with some lemon, lime and grapefruit essential oils.

Create your very own steam room by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil into your shower, close the drain and let the aroma fill the room. If you like more of a woody smell, you can mix some cypress essential oil with sandalwood in your diffuser. There are so many different combinations of essential oils, and if they don’t give you a medicinal benefit, at least they’ll smell good.

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