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Three Reasons Why You Should Stop Scrolling

By: Victoria Fortier

Do you know how many times you have checked Instagram today? What about how many posts you’ve scrolled past on Facebook? Regardless of your preferred social media app, it is a fact that many people are spending a lot of time staring at their screens. In fact, studies suggest that most Americans spend a minimum of three hours a day plugged into technology. Yet, the benefits to unplugging are endless. Here are three major reasons to take a break from scrolling through social media:

  1. Stop Comparing

A major problem with social media is that it sparks our need to compare ourselves to one another. After scrolling through countless perfectly edited photos, it is easy to compare our own reality to what we see on the screen. However, that’s the problem. Social media does not display reality. When you take a step back, you give yourself a chance to realize this. The next time you catch yourself wondering why you didn’t spend the holidays in Bali, remind yourself to spend less time on social media!

  1. Connect in Person

When you stop scrolling, you have the chance to talk to people in real life. It’s also a way to show the people that you care about that you’re listening to them. Without the distraction of your phone, you can respond to what they actually said, instead of nodding along. When you’re out with friends, leave your phone in the car or put it away in your bag so you can really talk with each other.

  1. Give your brain a break

It is no secret that humans need recovery time. However, relaxing on your phone doesn’t always give your brain time to rest. Sometimes, it can even keep you awake at night because the light from phone screens signals to your body that it’s time to be alert. This is why it is not easy to recover on social media. Even though we think it is relaxing, our body does not respond in that way. Try leaving your phone in another room before bed or curling up with a book instead. Your body will thank you for it, and you’ll get the break from scrolling that you need.



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