The Power of the Nerd: Being Smart is the New Cool

By Ashleigh Braun

Gone are the days of traditional school stereotypes of “nerds” and “cool” kids.

In today’s society, being smart is not only accepted, but also celebrated. People with intelligence and unique ideas are no longer the ones being bullied for studying or hanging out at the library. They are the ones getting into amazing schools, inventing cures to diseases, making incredible advances in technology and creating their own paths in the world.

Our millennial society views attending Ivy League schools as impressive, doing research as unprecedented and being successful as extraordinary. Kids in school who are involved in student government, extracurricular activities and AP and IB courses are looked up to instead of mocked. Playing sports is awesome, but learning to code or entering in speech and debate tournaments is becoming just as great. In short, being smart is cool.

The power of intelligence and education is stronger now than ever before with emphasis from the media positively portraying the individuals paving the way to the future. The power of encouragement from successful, smart people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Michelle Obama and so many more are vital to this new concept of intelligence being admired. Having “smart” role models to look up to who are changing the world we live in inspires young people to embrace their intelligence and their inner nerd. The truth is, “nerds” have the power to change their world, and now they have the confidence to do it, too.

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