The Power Issue

Welcome to Orange and Blue Magazine.

In this semester’s issue, we use the word “Power” as a driving theme behind stories of all genres. When discussing ideas, we realized each story pitch embodied influential issues and trends in the world today, from fashion to food to social issues and everything in between.

Each student had passionate ideas to cover people, places and things that impact our community in noticeable ways. Thus, The Power Issue was born.

Power is defined as the “ability to act or produce an effect,” and it’s a force that influences every piece of our lives. When it comes to personal power, we’re excited to share foods, recipes, workouts, healthy habits and more that will keep you feeling strong. Power goes far beyond the self, however, and we’re looking forward to sharing coverage of things like addiction, love and policy, as well.

Power is in and, more importantly, it’s truly all-encompassing.

Stay tuned to check out more of our content this semester.

The Orange and Blue Staff