Don’t Dance to ChillStep, Relax with it

By Minerve Jean Music. It’s something universal that we all listen too. It helps us become more in tune with our feelings. For some music is a gateway. For others, an escape for reality and still for some, it helps to destress. There are different types and like fingerprints, everyone’s preference is different. There’s also a relatively obscure genre that doesn’t get enough credit. It’s … Continue reading Don’t Dance to ChillStep, Relax with it

Trend Alert: Essential Oils

By Stefano Ferreyros Essential oils seem to be everywhere now. They’re not just in small bottles for diffusers. They can be seen in roller bottles and sprays. Walmart has them and most drug stores have them, but why? According to many, essential oils have many benefits from stress relief, sleep aid, skin care and more. It does help that they smell good, and many celebrities … Continue reading Trend Alert: Essential Oils