Three Books and The Power Within Them

When it comes to books, I always tend to gravitate toward characters that are shaken to the core because of a life-changing event. These books are entertaining because of what the characters do with their new powers. Oftentimes, they accrue powers that amplify their hidden strengths, while other powers that don’t seem important may have the most impact. Since the Spring 2018 edition of the Orange and Blue Magazine is all about power, I will be listing books that involve power in some way, shape or form Continue reading Three Books and The Power Within Them

Powerful Book Quotes That Stand The Test of Time

As some of the oldest pieces of entertainment on Earth, books have stood the test of time to still be some of the most powerful. A good book can take us to a different place, a different time or even a different universe. They can transport us from our tiny dorm rooms to the furthest end of the galaxy and, most importantly, they can inspire us to keep moving through whatever challenges we may be facing. Continue reading Powerful Book Quotes That Stand The Test of Time

Swamp Talk: Fall Reading List

By Chelsea Perry We’re in the thick of the fall semester, which means midterms, papers and big projects. Although you may not have a lot of spare time to fit some recreational reading into your day, a recent study found that reading literary fiction can increase people’s emotional intelligence. If you find that you do have some extra time on your hands to improve your … Continue reading Swamp Talk: Fall Reading List