Building Bridges After Prison

In the back of her mind, Jhody Polk still finds herself wishing she was back in prison. “So I can be safe,” Polk said. Jhody grew up in a part of Gainesville where she says there weren’t many dreams to be had. She didn’t learn to love herself until she turned herself in to serve her time – seven years for felony convictions involving theft home invasion. Continue reading Building Bridges After Prison

What Moving Away For College Taught Me

By Isa Perez Unlike most people, where I would attend college was already predetermined before I was even born. My grandfather put me onto the Florida Prepaid plan and said I would never leave. I would attend Florida International University and live at home in Miami. Little did he know his granddaughter would grow up to be determined and independent. I never really grew up … Continue reading What Moving Away For College Taught Me

Wellness Wednesday: Straight Edge Living

By Brock Seng For this week’s Wellness Wednesday post, instead of an alternative way of eating or exercising, it’s an alternative way of living your life. It’s a way of living by cutting out the bad stuff, not sugar and sweets, but the really bad stuff: drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We all know that alcohol is bad for your liver, drugs are bad for, well, … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Straight Edge Living