5 Uses For A Pumpkin You Never Thought Of

By Rachel Kurland Orange you glad it’s not burning hot outside anymore? I think we can all agree we deserved a break from the Florida heat and humidity. Fortunately, the temperature has cooled beautifully this fall. Now it’s finally pumpkin season. Pumpkins have taken over stores, food brands and Facebook profile pictures, and even though Halloween is over, this season staple isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, … Continue reading 5 Uses For A Pumpkin You Never Thought Of

Why The Colors of Candy Crush Keep You Wanting More

By Marisa Ross I remember the first time I saw that flash of pastel-colored shapes. With a single zap, parallel lines and explosive bursts of color whizzed by as new pieces floated down and a deep voice emitted a heavy “deliiiiiciouussss.” While on a train nearly two years ago, a stranger was playing what I now know to be Candy Crush Saga on his cellphone. … Continue reading Why The Colors of Candy Crush Keep You Wanting More

Running Outside the Lines: The Color Run 2014

By Rachel Kurland Almost 4,000 people, including 100 volunteers, were in attendance for The Color Run on Sept. 27 on Bo Diddley Community Plaza. This lively 5K stops in more than 140 cities, so what makes it so special here in Gainesville? This year, The Color Run partnered with local charities Peaceful Paths and Camp Kesem. Peaceful Paths promotes violence-free relationships, and Camp Kesem gives … Continue reading Running Outside the Lines: The Color Run 2014

Orange & Blue Magazine Event!

Hello to all of our fabulous readers! Orange & Blue Magazine is having an event THIS Friday, Nov. 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at SweetBerries, located at 505 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32601. Come to the event to preview our next issue, look through past issues and meet our staff who has been working hard all semester! SweetBerries is offering discounted treats to … Continue reading Orange & Blue Magazine Event!

Music Monday: Famous Band Side Projects

By Brock Seng Side projects usually suck. Let’s be honest here. A lot of us don’t listen to side projects. It’s from the theory: if you support a side project then that’ll become the main band and you’ll lose the bigger band. Hence, Gorillaz. I’m here to tell you that theory is wrong. Side projects are very much present in today’s music scene. And a … Continue reading Music Monday: Famous Band Side Projects

Music Monday: The Senior Year Playlist

By Karina Cuevas Class of 2013 Gators, the time is almost near—and that either scares the living crap out of you or gives you the highest feelings of elation (I’m a mix of both). The last month of the semester before graduation may have you stressed about your post-grad plans and your current classes and exams, but don’t forget what’s most important: enjoying your time … Continue reading Music Monday: The Senior Year Playlist

The PLAY Issue

Look out for Orange & Blue’s Fall 2012 Play Issue, hitting stands around campus soon! There are tons of different ways to “play” and the students of Gainesville know how. Inside this issue, we show how musicians, artists, gamers and party animals bring color and life to this small college town we know and love. You’ll find profiles on some of Gainesville’s hidden talents, the … Continue reading The PLAY Issue