Swamp Talk: Must-Have Apps for College Students

By Mike Llerena

Between taking classes, maintaining your finances and putting food on the table, college life can seem quite daunting. However, in the age of smartphones and tablets, learning to become a self-sufficient college student has gotten a little bit easier.

Facilitate your academic schedule. Be prepared when you go out for a night on the town. Stay in shape.  How do you accomplish all of these tasks from the comfort of your phone? Check out these five must-have apps for college students to find out.

1. myHomework

Balancing homework, exams and projects for multiple classes is hard. Make it easier on yourself and check out the myHomework app. This free app tracks all of your coursework and sends you timely reminders regarding homework. Unfortunately, this app does not do said homework for you.

2. DrinkOwl

When a 21-year-old UF student goes out to sample Gainesville’s nightlife , it’s good to have some informational tools that will keep you from overspending on drinks. Try the DrinkOwl app. It shows you which liquor stores and bars are in your local area, as well as any drink specials being offered at those locations. This will save you from countless nights of overpaying for a drink at places like Gator City or Grog. Drink responsibly. And more importantly, spend responsibly.

3. Chegg 

We all know buying textbooks at the school bookstore costs an arm and a leg. Don’t fall prey to the insanely overpriced selections on campus. Download the Chegg app and rent your books online for a cheaper price (a MUCH cheaper price). As a three-year Chegg veteran, I can say that this app will save you a lot of money on textbooks.

4. Mint

Ever wonder why you’re always too broke to afford better food than Ramen? Download the Mint app and create a budget for yourself. Organize your spending for various necessities and you’ll have an easier time staying within your financial limit every week. Just try not to freak out when you see how much money you’ve blown at Jimmy John’s this month.

5. MyFitnessPal

The freshman 15 is real, folks. After years of healthy meals from home, you are introduced to the concept of eating whatever you want whenever you want. After multiple trips to get cookies at Gator Corner, the pounds start to pile on. Avoid the college cliche and download MyFitnessPal. This calorie counter app uses a food database to track your daily food intake and tell you what nutrients your body is getting. Track your exercise progress and weight reports. Think of this app as a free personal trainer.

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