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Started from the Bottom – The Evolution of Apple

Just 12 years ago we lived in an iPhone-less world, and since then the iPhone has revolutionized technology in ways we could never imagine. This month, Apple announced its newest iPhones – the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Far from the bulky, low resolution iPhone everyone was in awe of in 2007, the iPhone 11 takes users on a technological experience through its seemingly professional camera and sleek design. 

Apple has come a long way since it started in a garage in Silicon Valley. Here are some of the most revolutionary Apple releases in history: 

1984 – Macintosh 

The first Macintosh set the stage for the future of Apple computers. It was the first successful commercially sold personal computer to feature a mouse and graphical user interface. 

2001 – iPod 

The iPod arguably was the biggest factor in the shift of the music industry from physical CDs to electronic streaming. Around 2001, Walkmans were still commonplace. When the iPod hit the market, people transitioned from the bulky MP3 to the compact-sized, music-at-your-fingertips product. 

2006 – MacBook 

The MacBook mirrored two previous Apple products – the PowerBook and the iBook. The design of the MacBook has more or less stayed consistent over the last decade, but this product is one of the most popular. And I’m on one right now. 

2007 – iPhone 

The iPhone. One may say this invention has made Apple the company it is today. The release of the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone world as we know it. At its unveiling, Steve Jobs said, “An iPod. A phone. An internet communicator. This is one device, and we are calling it iPhone.”

2015 – Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch reminds me of something that would have been known as “futuristic.” A phone on your wrist! With this creation, users don’t even have to pick up their phone to send a message or answer a call.  

Over the years, Apple has evolved from bulky computers to some of the best technology in the world. One can only wonder, what will Apple come up with next?

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