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Planting Smiles

By: Victoria Fortier

There is a way to keep your home clean, and it doesn’t involve Lysol. It’s something a little more natural. And green. It is plants. More specifically, it’s the adding of indoor plants to your home.

I know times have changed. We all are doing things a little differently now. We use zoom to work, go to class and sometimes go to parties too. We hardly go anywhere without a mask and spend our days inside while this pandemic lasts. We support our essential workers and try to only go out for food. It may not seem like there is anything else to do.

This is where the plants come in. I know we all do extra cleaning now too. The plants can help with that. Although they are not known for killing viruses or bacteria, they can still purify the air, in addition to providing a change of scenery that stretches beyond the zoom screen, of course.

How? I will explain.

In a clean air study conducted by NASA, it was discovered that certain plants remove toxins from the air. They can remove chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. This is because plants can act like a filter. They absorb pollutants and leave the fresh air behind. In this way, they are a natural cleaner. So, what are they? Here are my top two.

  1. The Snake Plant

Not only does it have unique leaves, but it can also survive in low lighting. For me, this was a huge plus for bringing plants to the indoors. There’s not always enough lighting. For the Snake Plant, that’s okay.

  1. The Peace Lilly

White, tall and tranquil, the Peace Lilly is a beautiful flower. It’s also low maintenance. It doesn’t need a lot of water to grow and can filter all three of the toxins listed above.

Although they may be simple, these plants brought a feeling of calmness to my home. They’re easy to take care of, act as a natural filter and made a difference to me. I know they may not be for every home (some indoor plants are toxic to pets), but for those that can bring them in, I hope you do.