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My Makeup is Ripped to Shreds, But I’m Satisfied.

By Juzanne Martin

A new beauty trend has gained momentum on YouTube. It’s not another brow tutorial or tips on contouring, but involves the destruction of actual makeup products. Yes, people are cutting up lipsticks and melting powders in their videos.

This makeup destruction trend has been around since 2017 and has grown in popularity ever since. YouTubers with beauty channels are moving away from the creation of the perfect smoky eye, to smashing eyeshadow palettes for millions of viewers to enjoy. The obvious question here: Why is this a thing?

The act of destroying makeup is just one of the many examples of ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response, in which people experience a tingling sensation on the skin beginning on the scalp and moving down the neck to the spine. This subtle euphoria feeling is triggered by specific auditory or visual stimulants. There is just something oh so satisfying about watching makeup get carefully carved up or completely ripped to shreds.

Today, there are countless YouTube channels dedicated to makeup destruction. “Beauty News” is one of them with over half a million subscribers and more than 77 million total views. The co-creators, Hailey and Kat, discuss makeup releases Monday through Friday and destroy makeup in their “Makeup Breakup” segments every Wednesday. Aside from satisfying viewers, the creators have made it their mission to shape the way makeup is used and viewed. In a Vice i-D article both women said, “For them, the destruction of these products is part of a larger investigation into what we buy and why.” After breaking products apart, they weigh the contents without the packaging to get a sense of what consumers are actually buying.

Although wrecking makeup products may seem completely senseless and wasteful, many people enjoy the satisfying aspect of it. The numbers don’t lie; makeup destruction gets millions of views. Who knew the oddly satisfying nature of crushing beauty products could be a way to unwind and cope with stress.