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Moving Toward Your Goals In 2020

By: Anastasia Sims

Everyone is so daunted by New Year’s resolutions. There’s so much pressure to change everything about your life at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. But resolutions are just goals, and we all make goals everyday.

Goals are a part of life. They’re almost as necessary are breathing and water; they are what moves us forward. But getting there is hard. Chances are along the way, the age-old adage of how it’s not about the destination but the journey has come up. And this is all fine and dandy until it’s hard to stay motivated. 

One of the biggest reminders to consider when thinking about your goals is to make sure they are your goals. While this seems obvious, it’s easy to get lost in long-term goals or be influenced by other people telling us what they think we should do. One of the best things to do is ensure that you make a specific goal for what you want to attain. And then to reach the overarching goal, create specific stepping stones for how to get there.

While it’s not ideal to let people influence your goals, it’s a good practice to allow people to join in on helping you reach where you want to go. Whether it be for a career or personal goal, things are usually easier done in teams or with a support system. So, another way to keep yourself focused on your aspirations is by using trusted people in your life to support you along the way. The reality is that staying motivated, especially for those long-term or lofty goals, is difficult on your own. 

Maybe most importantly, a great way to stay with your eyes toward the prize is mapping out your goals, visualizing yourself achieving them and then reflect on your progress consistently. A goal is nothing without effort. And some effort is needed on the front end. This can include actually writing out what your specific goal or goals are and the steps to reaching them. Once that’s done, you can share that with people who will help you positively think about your goals. Unfortunately, it’s hard to feel like there’s progress being made when you’re working hard. That’s why it can be important to check in with yourself and look back at what you’ve already achieved.

Through it all, remember that all your goals are possible, and be kind to yourself while reaching them.

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