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Moving on and moving up: How to choose a new lap top

By Maria Blokhina

When the time comes, and you are ready to upgrade your laptop specs, the variety of choices can be daunting. The right amount of power is crucial when our performance and productivity are at stake. 

Besides the color, size, weight, style, and a touch screen, the choice of laptop specs mostly depends on how massive your everyday files are.  Or how many files and programs you keep open at the same time (even if they are tiny). Luckily, today we have a ton of laptop choices: from lightweight little notebooks to fully-loaded portable desktop computers. But the decision can get us to feel overwhelmed by unexplained numbers and letters.

The first thing we usually asked to choose is a processor or CPU. Today the processor type  does not make that much of a difference anymore for an average user. Mainly if you are limited by budget, you’d better upgrade other specs and save some money. For those who are dealing with intense 3D graphics or hours of video editing, the fastest processor would be of great help. The rule of thumb is, the higher the processor’s generation, the more powerful it is. At the time of writing, the excellent choice of the processor for everyday productivity use would be Intel Core i7 with four cores.

When dealing with hard drive space, you should consider several things: Do you have an external drive or cloud storage? How big are your files? How much space your applications will take up? Remember that the hard drive space is not user-upgradable on every computer, so choose wisely. The size of a hard drive only influences how much you put on it, but if you fill it  up, it will slow down your computer. Additionally, a new generation of a solid-state hard drive (SSD) will drastically increase overall speed.  Last but not least, don’t forget that different brands have different operating systems that may not support your favorite applications. Additionally, make sure that your new laptop is not only powerful but enjoyable and comfortable.