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More than Feng Shui: Your Space, Colorized and Personalized

By Karla Arboleda

The TLC you give your space could be a direct reflection on your daily mood, your cleaning habits and even your appearance outright. However, what if your bedroom or your bathroom were more than just fast and functional in the long run? Your typical all-black, gold-accessorized wardrobe is what helps you feel the most confident in front of a crowd, but considering the aura you engage with in private, is the key to your most peaceful self.

Some colors and their meanings come with general knowledge. Green means nature, red symbolizes love, brown hints at “masculinity” (whatever that is); the list goes on, and the psychology behind your brain’s automatic association with what colors you are looking at can better promote the self-care that you deserve. Here are a few tips revolving around colors and textures to consider next time you’re buying a new piece for your bedroom or doing an upgrade in your home.

  1. Powerful Colors

 Colors such as purple or red can have the opposite effect on your mentality because of their association with strong feelings. Your mind could do away with the persistent view of a giant, plush, gaudy Valentine’s bear you got as a gag gift at the edge of your bed while you nap. Downsize on the stressful immediately with less emotionally evoking colors.

2. Lighten Up

Lighter, cooler colors have generally been proven to expand a space due to the calming properties they spark in people. Leaning towards muted tones when picking out accent pieces like pillows or area rugs will fill a spot while instantly making you feel in your happy place.

Courtesy of 1dibs

3. Variety

Varied textures around your home are also on the to-do list for someone looking to be more at peace when they’re home. Sheer and wood textures are quite the opposite of busy. Tapestries with minimalist scenery or artwork that gives a feel for nature signify so much, but can be ignored when your brain needs a break.

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