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Mindful Living: The Little-Known, Big Impact Class at UF

By: Savannah Phillips

The lights are dim. Relaxing music and a soft, soothing voice are the only noises within ear shot. The voice tells you to focus on your breath and let any other thoughts that don’t serve you fade away. You feel recharged, rejuvenated and ready to live life to the fullest.

 This might sound like the description of a yoga or meditation class, but it’s actually just a typical day in a small, little-known class at the University of Florida. The class, called Mindful Living, teaches a holistic approach to living a more “mindful” life. It focuses on the various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions that arise when confronted with stressful or traumatic situations throughout one’s life.

 Just as The Good Life is a required class for all freshmen at UF, Mindful Living should be a required class for all seniors at UF. A college student’s last year at university is often a very stressful time full of changes and uncertainty. As a senior in my last semester taking Mindful Living, I can attest that it has provided me an outlet for my anxiety surrounding what comes next for me. The class doesn’t require unnecessary busy work or exams. Instead, it focuses solely on methods to improve each student’s life. The professor, Matthew Tozzi, is a doctoral student studying counselor education. Tozzi reminds us that we will get as much out of the class that we put in, which is much more motivating than any letter grade since it pertains to our happiness in the way that we live our day-to-day lives.

 I can genuinely say that I look forward to going to this class, which is a very refreshing feeling. If you’re looking to fill your class schedule and increase your happiness, Mindful Living is the class for you.

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