Maintaining a Powerful Relationship in College

By Renee Castro

The word on the street has always been that college is the place where you go for four years to “experiment.” It’s normal to be in and out of relationships or trying new things to see who or what you’re comfortable with. At least that’s how it is for college students now-a-days.

I’d like to think that it was once normal for people to be in real and healthy relationships during their time spent in college, and most of me does. My parents already had their first child by the time my mom was sporting her cap and gown to get her degree. But why did that have to change?

As the years went by and the world opened its doors to social media and internet dating, our dating style changed too. Like I said, college is the time where it’s OK to “experiment,” or “casually date,” as I’m going to nicely call it. But do we simply have the internet to blame? I personally think a lot of it goes back to the fact that we don’t know how relationships really work.

I guess you could call me biased, considering the fact that I’m in a relationship in college. It took a long time to get here, but I wouldn’t give it any of it back. So, you ask… how do we manage in a world dictated by Tinder? How can we maintain our relationship in the college world with thousands of other students who are just trying to do their own thing?

For starters, we trust each other. Trust is the key in any relationship, and although it takes some time to build that trust, not having to worry all the time is a liberating feeling.

Next, we give each other space. Not only is college the time to “experiment,” as I mentioned, but it’s also the time where we are figuring out our futures. If that means spending a day or two away from each other to get studying or some homework done, that’s OK!

I know for a fact dating hasn’t always been easy, and like I said, I personally think it has gotten harder over the years. With a cellphone always glued to our fingertips, you can practically see what anyone is doing at any given time of the day… SO UNHEALTHY! It’s almost impossible to stay optimistic about having a good relationship in college when you know for a fact the cutie you saw across the room was swiping his finger one too many times on their phone.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to set apart some time where you’re disconnected from your phone. Stay lively in your relationship, plan a really nice date and then turn off your phone and enjoy each other’s presence.

As your relationship progresses and people begin to realize that this isn’t just another fling, you’ll be amazed at how much you get to learn about your partner, and that’s really the fun part. Their weird antics slowly become things you love about them, and in your time spent together, you realize you’re dating your best friend. Be honest, be pure and, most importantly, be you.

Casual dating is the norm now, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t build and maintain a good relationship with someone we found during our time here. Plus, maybe that Tinder boy ends up being the one after all!

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