How to Decorate Your Home With Gold

By Justine Giancola

Decorating your home can be a creative way to display your individual style with the endless possibilities of paint, fabrics, furniture, flooring and more. Different odds and ends can also make all the difference when pulling spaces together. This season, gold is stocking the shelves and can give your home the fresh pop of color you’re looking for. These gold items effortlessly add sparkle to any room.

This tray from C Wonder, $34, can be used as a catchall in your bedroom or a centerpiece on your coffee table. Gold items like this are easy and versatile to incorporate into your decorating scheme.

Whether or not your home is modern or edgy, this metal burst ball from Hobby Lobby is not only the perfect splash of color but a unique design piece. Stick it on a bookshelf or end table, and it’s sure to draw attention. Buy yours today while it’s marked down to $7.99!

If you prefer your colors to be more understated, this gold-framed chalkboard, also at Hobby Lobby, is the way to go. It’s great for doodling in kids’ rooms or as a fun way to keep lists in the kitchen. This piece allows for ultimate style and creativity. Get one while they last because they’re now marked down to $14.99.

Is your desk looking lackluster? These shears, $16.99, and this stapler, $15.99, from Target will spruce up your workspace with their sleek design.

Image Courtesy of Justine Giancola
Image Courtesy of Justine Giancola

To all of the women out there who have so much jewelry and so little space, this jewelry box by Kate Spade is the perfect way to add color to your bedroom while keeping yourself organized. It’s currently $40.

Candles are common household accessories, but they’re often overlooked. Next time you pick a new scent, try this gold polka dot candle. It’s also by Kate Spade and available for $40.

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