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Holiday On The Go

By: Maria Blokhina

Winter break is a great time to cuddle under the blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and the TV remote in another. However, if you get tired of Christmas movies, here are a couple of activities that will continue till the end of December and will give Christmas vibe if you stayed in Gainesville during a winter break.

Christmas Light Shows

One of the biggest Christmas holiday traditions is lights everywhere. People decorate their houses; streets and parks around town light up with a million tiny bulbs of different colors. Some places go the extra mile and set up the whole show to get you in the Christmas spirit. Our favorite light shows are Cade Family Holiday Lights at Hog Valley and Suwannee Lights at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. Both shows start as soon as it gets dark (around 6 pm this time of the year) and go until 10 pm. The shows are enormous and bewildering as they install thousands of lights, wrapping around every tree and forming various complex figures to tell stories. Cade Family Holiday Lights provides a walking tour around their light display, while Suwannee Lights are to be experienced from your car. Plus you can enjoy a Christmas market at the end of the show and say hi to Santa. 

Christmas Train

Kirby Family Farm offers an experience of riding a train pulled by a 100-years old locomotive through the farm. During Christmas time, they decorate their train with Christmas lights and set up a light show around the place to provide a fascinating Christmas adventure. They have tractor rides, an antique Ferris wheel, a zoo, and a shop. Kirby Family Farm is a non-profit that helps children with special needs, and their Christmas train is a fundraiser too, so you can get a chance to help the community. 

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