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Helpful Counseling Apps

by Brittany Wallace

Whether it’s to check social media, make sure there is money in your bank account, or chilling out listening to music, most people use Apps on a daily basis. There are so many applications that do multitudes of things, so why not download one that helps your mental health. Counseling apps are a tool that is becoming more popular nowadays. These apps can help you when the therapist is too far away or if you need extra help.


Here are some interesting counseling apps

Optimism – This free app is for people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. It allows you to track your mood during the day. It asked specifically what happened when your mood changed too. It does this in hopes for you to understand what situations effect you the most emotionally.

SuperBetter – This app helps people lose weight, helps anxiety, and fight depression. It turns goals into a game where you are a superhero fighting off obstacles that will slow you down to reaching those goals. You can also gather allies on Facebook to keep you motivated. The app cost $4.99 a month.

Stigma – The apps allows you to journal, while it tracks the most common words used when writing down feelings. Once you know what words pop up the most you can reflect on them.  You can even message other people on the app and even share journal entries.

The market field for counseling apps is large, many can help and others are not as good. According to Scientific American, these apps are not subjugated to any scientific review. So be careful and do some research before downloading a counseling app.

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