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Get those Brain Gains!

By Amanda Roland

Exercising… some love it and some hate it. But, did you know that there is a part of your body that you can exercise without getting sweaty? That part of your body is your brain. We should all be treating our brains like a muscle that needs to be active to get stronger! Here are some ways that you can exercise your brain to improve things like memory, mood and brain function.



Try the other hand: Use your non-dominant hand to do things like brushing your hair, brushing your teeth or eating. This could cause an increase in brain activity



Do common activities in the dark: Try taking a shower, getting dressed or doing laundry in the dark or with your eyes closed. This forces your brain to create new neural pathways, and it works your memory skills.



Learn something new: Learning new things is always beneficial for your brain. Studies show that those who learn new things into their old age maintain a better memory. I guess teaching an old dog new tricks isn’t impossible after all.



Draw something from memory: Think of something that you know very well, and try to draw it from memory. This could be your mom’s face, a map of your home town or even the logo on your favorite candy bar. This challenging activity really works your brain and challenges your memory.



Socialize: Whether this is just getting together to chat, playing a board game with family, or playing a game of basketball with your bros, interacting with others is always beneficial for the brain. All of these different activities not only hone your social skills and better your mood, but they also engage many areas of the brain.

Try out these easy exercises to get those brain gains!


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