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Finding Happiness, By the “Happy” Staff

By: Morgan Goldwich

When we as the Orange and Blue Magazine staff picked “Happy” to be the theme of our Spring 2020 issue, we knew it would be relevant, but we couldn’t predict just how much so.

Our eyes were on a polarized political climate, rising global temperatures, daily hardships faced by our friends, families and communities.

A pandemic was not something we were anticipating.

Nonetheless, it happened, and our worlds were instantly flipped upside down. Classes moved online, and we have been mostly confined to our homes, but our deadlines didn’t stop.

While there’s plenty of articles out there sharing tips for how to navigate this unprecedented time, we wanted to share how the staff of “Happy,” who has spent an entire semester diving deep into stories about how, where, which and why people experience happiness, have managed to do just that, despite it all.

Brooks: I have been working on becoming a better guitar player.

 Julia: I’m lighting candles, having bubble baths and pretending I’m in an early 2000s rom-com.

 Juliana: My happiest moments in quarantine are lying in the grass in my backyard with my dog and sisters and having family game nights.

Victoria: I try to stay in motion during quarantine. I practice yoga with my sister in our backyard and run with my pup Scooby sometimes, too.

 Morgan (that’s me!): I find balance by doing homework outside, eating well and checking in with friends and family. I try not to be hard on myself when I have a “lazy day.”

Christine: I have been trying some new hobbies that are really crafty! I’ve tried tie-dying some new shirts, and I started painting my favorite Disney characters.

Luly: Being home with my family and my dog, FaceTiming those I love and can’t see and having more time to read are making this time a little more bearable and keep me happy.

Katherine: Working out and cooking!

Savannah: I try to spend as much time outside as I can. Whether that’s working out at the stadium or laying by the inflatable pool my roommates and I got, being in the sun always makes me feel happier and more energized.

Kayla: I’m floating in the pool and taking hikes with my dog.

By doing all of the above, we have managed to balance this new chaos and still put together a magazine. If this time has shown us anything, it is that we, along with the communities which shape and support us, are nothing if not resilient. And that is, on its own, very much a reason to be happy.

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