Fashion Friday: Fashion Inspired by Literature

By Meaghan Cloherty

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re currently at the tail end of Banned Books Week. Since I couldn’t participate in the Banned Books Virtual Read-Out on the Plaza of the Americas yesterday afternoon, I’m celebrating by providing you guys with a list of some of the best literature-inspired clothing available online. Without further ado…

 1. For The General Reader: Herringbooks Cardigan


If you love books but don’t want to commit to one particular title, I can think of nothing better to wear to a library study session. Some days you may want to wear your favorite story on your sleeve, but for now, this is a good way to keep the mystery alive.

2. For the Commitment-Phobe: Text Tights

Zohar Ron

While the print may not be “literature” (it’s taken from Wikipedia), it’s the closest I’ll ever get to tattooing my favorite author’s words on my skin. Perusing The Word Made Flesh (link: is great fun, but I like the versatility of these tights.

 And, since we’re already looking at legs…

3.  For the Shakespeare Lover: Hamlet Leggings


I’m sure that the first time you read “Hamlet,” you thought, “Well, it’s only a matter of time until someone puts these on some leggings.”
Wait, no, of course you didn’t. That would be ridiculous. And only slightly more ridiculous is…

4. For the Hard-Partying Tolkien Enthusiast: Skintight Middle Earth Map Mini Dress


That title was a joke. If I ever dropped $100  (well, more than that, because shipping) on a dress this amazing, you can bet I wouldn’t wear it in a situation where someone could spill beer on it. But, I never have to worry about that because I don’t think I’ll ever have enough money to drop $100 on a “Lord of the Rings” dress. This does not underscore the fact that it is stunning. It’s not even the only LOTR-themed clothing offered by this company. If you dare, you can find the most ridiculous Legolas-print one-piece you’ve ever laid eyes on, because it’s probably the only one in existence.

5. For The Darcy Fans: Pride and Prejudice Infinity Scarf


Sometimes it isn’t enough to have a copy of Pride and Prejudice in your bag or a free version downloaded and waiting in your pocket. Sometimes you need coziness paired with instant gratification, and that’s where this scarf comes in. Other available texts include excerpts from “Jane Eyre,” “Les Miserables” and some “Sherlock Holmes.”

6. For The Ones Who Will Always Love These Books: “Always” Doe Necklace


If you love Harry Potter and creative Etsy accessories, you’ll find plenty of its company online. As much as I adore the Time-Turner earrings and golden egg pendants available on the official Warner Bros. site, there’s something charming about understated jewelry and the ability to get through the day without confronting too many confused expressions. I know I’ll be reading better books and more accomplished works of fiction as life goes on, but I also know that this will remain one of my favorite literary quotes until the very end.

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