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Tinder who? Facebook takes a crack at finding your soulmate

By: Camille Graham

I might as well have the words ‘LOOKING FOR LOVE’ tattooed on my forehead. Like many other college students, I’m casually in the market for a boyfriend. The bar scene bores me, all my guy friends are more like brothers and the men in my classes seem to make better study partners than dates.

I’ve downloaded and deleted a myriad of dating apps before, so I was curious to see what the newly launched Facebook Dating had to offer. Would this finally be the app that put the likes of Bumble and Tinder to shame?

Once I set my preferred height, religion and location preferences (if I can’t be picky on a dating app, when can I be?), I was ready to roll. What came next was an onslaught of men, ages 21-25, in various states of gym selfies and truck pictures. I can’t say that I was hopeful.

Logistically, there are some major flaws in the Facebook Dating angle. While it doesn’t show users that you’re already friends with, it shows people that you have mutual likes, ages or events with. This was good in theory, until I matched with a cute boy, only to realize that the only thing we had in common was one mutual friend from Connecticut. 

Facebook Dating does offer a ‘secret crush’ option, where you list a Facebook friend as someone you’re interested in in the hopes that they’re secretly crushing back, but I certainly did not use it. Did we as a nation learn nothing from both the Facebook data breach of 2018 and middle school days of “I like Johnny, but you have to promise not to tell him?”

While the app does have some systematic issues, the real hang-up for me came from the clientele. Facebook has more or less been antiquated by the likes of Instagram and Twitter, leaving mostly eager moms and distant relatives on the site. Eager moms, distant relatives and me, apparently. The profiles presented to me by Facebook Dating were exactly what you would expect from a website that has already peaked and declined.

No, Facebook Dating didn’t help me find love, but I don’t count it as a loss either. I had a few good conversations, several big laughs and a handful of potential matches. Because I don’t see the possibility for more than that, I’ll be deactivating my account promptly. If you need me, I’ll be sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for my meet-cute.

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