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Dress to Destress: 4 Staple Wardrobe Items for Decreasing Stress

By Jamie Shapiro

It’s not uncommon to be stressed out. In fact, 77 percent of Americans report feeling the psychological effects of stress in their daily lives according to the American Psychological Association.

With such a large number of people feeling this level of discomfort caused by everything from financial stress to social stress, it’s understandable that people would seek to alleviate some of this stress in any way possible.

Kicking up your feet after a long day of work or going to the gym after a particularly stressful family gathering. What do these things have in common? You will likely change into your “comfy” clothes to do them.

Here are four comfort clothes staples that can reduce your stress levels and your mood.

  1. Leggings

Leggings are the ultimate comfort staple. All the comfort of your favorite pajama pants and you can wear them outside your house without people avoiding eye contact. They come in a variety of colors and styles and there’s a pair for every mood, activity (pants you can wear to work out and binge Parks & Rec?) and lifestyle.

     2. A Comfortable Pair of Sandals

Whether you jumped on the Birkenstock trend or are a die-hard Nike/Adidas slides person, having a comfortable pair of versatile sandals you can walk right into works wonders on the psyche. No longer do you need to wonder what shoes you need to put on when you schlep over to the store because you forgot to pick up dinner food. No longer do you have to tangle with your shoelaces every time you want to leave the comfort and safety of your home. With a good pair of sandals, comfort is as easy as slipping on and going.

     3. A Gigantic Sweater

It doesn’t matter where you got it. Whether it’s your significant others, an ill-sized gift or a sweatshirt you bought intentionally two sizes too large for the sole purpose of being comfy; this item is absolutely necessary for everyone’s closet. They keep you warm while you’re out for a relaxing jog on a cold winter morning, they feel like a warm neverending hug on your couch while you watch murder documentaries and they hide the fact that you’ve been wearing the same shirt for two days in a row.

    4. Socks

There’s fuzzy socks, knit socks, sports socks, cotton socks, wool socks and socks in just about every imaginable textile out there. A good pair of sports socks can help your next group fitness class feel more like a fun stress relief activity than punishment for the extra tacos you got at taco bell last night while a pair of fuzzy socks can take the edge off of a night of doing homework or studying for finals.

Whether you’re actively looking to reduce your stress levels or just looking to lead a generally low-stress lifestyle, clothes are the most simplistic change in your day to day life that can make the biggest (and comfiest) impact.