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Don’t hate! Meditate!

By Taylor Cavaliere

I hate sitting still. I can sit still—I was never that kid in class who was always running around. But I have to be fidgeting a little. I have to be thinking about something. My brain is always moving quickly. I’m always planning or reflecting. I love to talk. I love social media. I love being social. This is why I’m the exact type of person who should be meditating. However, I’m really bad at it.

According to Healthline, meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. People use it to increase awareness of their surroundings, to relax and reduce stress, to increase self-discipline and to control anxiety. This sounds so great, right? As a stressed-out college senior, you’d think I would be all over this train. And I wish I was. For the past two years, “start meditating” has been on my list of New Year’s resolutions. And up until about a month ago, I had never even attempted it.

When I get a spare five minutes in my daily schedule, the idea of sitting in silence actively trying to control my thoughts usually does not appeal to me. However, I really believe every single human being should give meditation a try. I downloaded an app called Headspace, and it is amazingly simple and user-friendly. You can try guided meditations for all sorts of intentions and experience levels. My first try was a three-minute introductory meditation, and it was so simple and effective.

If anyone can understand how hard it is to meditate, it’s me. I find my mind wandering and my thoughts going so far off track I can’t even remember why I’m sitting in a darkened room with some random voice talking to me. But I will say this: Give it a try. You never know! Even if you’re bad at it (like me),

it can’t hurt to bring some zen into your life.

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