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Don’t Dance to ChillStep, Relax with it

By Minerve Jean

Music. It’s something universal that we all listen too. It helps us become more in tune with our feelings. For some music is a gateway. For others, an escape for reality and still for some, it helps to destress. There are different types and like fingerprints, everyone’s preference is different.

There’s also a relatively obscure genre that doesn’t get enough credit. It’s the cousin to dubstep’s high paced beats and fast undertones. It’s called chillstep. A subtype of dubstep that contains deeper beats and mellow tempos.

I first discovered chillstep while browsing around on youtube. I was doing my homework but needed some background music to help me focus. Usually I can work in silence but at times, I found myself falling asleep and I needed something to help keep me awake.

I found a huge amount of chillstep oriented playlists, many lasting up to hours at a time. They contain a combination of different songs that had the same soft beat to it. It was incredible and I’ve been listening ever since.

Not only does chillstep helps me stay focused but I feel more relaxed when I listen. It’s not only for homework it can be for doing chores, working out or even driving. There are many chillstep soundtracks available on YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. Here are some of my favorite mixes:

Through chill step I’ve been encouraged to make several playlists revolving round the theme of relaxation. Sure, we all love the fast-upbeat music but It’s important to be mindful and listen to songs that are also peaceful or help you relax. Even if you don’t like chillstep, genres such as classical, jazz, and instrumental are just as good when you want to unwind after a long and noisy day.

Whether you into relaxation music or not, it’s great to create a special playlist just for you. Something that gets you in your happy place with a range of songs that help you relax, focus and feel better.

What’s are your favorite songs to relax to?

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