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Swamp Talk: Hey College Kids, Want a Master’s Degree in Drone Warfare?

By Mary Elysee Velasco The United States government has developed a new video game. You play as a courageous captain fighting to defend your fellow countrymen from slimy enemies across the globe. Complete with a system of computer monitors, a jet joystick and a big, shiny, red button, you’ve got $20 million worth of missilery and […]

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Digital Calendar: March's Video Game Releases

by Mike Profeta This month brings an unusually strong line-up of new releases. Old franchises return with impressive and surprising reboots and prequels. These long-awaited entries bring new environments, enhanced gameplay, and never-before-seen multiplayer experiences to established, popular series. First, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything resembling awesome from the long-running Tomb […]