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Swamp Talk: Journalism Girls Ranked "Hottest" Among All Majors

By Phillip Heilman Are you a guy looking for a hot date this weekend in Gainesville? According to the website, you should be searching the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, which is located in Weimer Hall. The website ranked the top 10 majors with the hottest girls earlier this week, and […]

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Swamp Talk: Hey College Kids, Want a Master’s Degree in Drone Warfare?

By Mary Elysee Velasco The United States government has developed a new video game. You play as a courageous captain fighting to defend your fellow countrymen from slimy enemies across the globe. Complete with a system of computer monitors, a jet joystick and a big, shiny, red button, you’ve got $20 million worth of missilery and […]