Three Books and The Power Within Them

When it comes to books, I always tend to gravitate toward characters that are shaken to the core because of a life-changing event. These books are entertaining because of what the characters do with their new powers. Oftentimes, they accrue powers that amplify their hidden strengths, while other powers that don’t seem important may have the most impact. Since the Spring 2018 edition of the Orange and Blue Magazine is all about power, I will be listing books that involve power in some way, shape or form Continue reading Three Books and The Power Within Them

Budgeting: Why It’s Important

To lots of college students, budgeting isn’t on the top of their priority list. Mom and dad’s money seems endless — until you start making your own. A budget is a plan that helps you prioritize your spending over the course of a week, month or year. By creating one, you can develop the knowledge to recognize the difference between your wants and your needs. In the long run, budgeting is important for goals such as paying off your student loans, saving up for a home or going on a grand vacation. Continue reading Budgeting: Why It’s Important

Powerful Book Quotes That Stand The Test of Time

As some of the oldest pieces of entertainment on Earth, books have stood the test of time to still be some of the most powerful. A good book can take us to a different place, a different time or even a different universe. They can transport us from our tiny dorm rooms to the furthest end of the galaxy and, most importantly, they can inspire us to keep moving through whatever challenges we may be facing. Continue reading Powerful Book Quotes That Stand The Test of Time

Maintaining a Powerful Relationship in College

The word on the street has always been that college is the place where you go for four years to “experiment.” It’s normal to be in and out of relationships or trying new things to see who or what you’re comfortable with. At least that’s how it is for college students now-a-days. I’d like to think that it was once normal for people to be in real and healthy relationships during their time spent in college, and most of me does. My parents already had their first child by the time my mom was sporting her cap and gown to get her degree. But why did that have to change? Continue reading Maintaining a Powerful Relationship in College

Pump It: Everything Breastfeeding Mothers Need to Know About Power Pumping

By Elayza Gonzalez Today’s society works hard to normalize breastfeeding in public and is dedicated to empowering women who breastfeed. One way to help advance these initiatives is by educating yourself on the practice of breastfeeding and its many benefits. However, some moms struggle with producing an adequate amount of breast milk to feed their little ones. Power pumping is one solution to that problem. … Continue reading Pump It: Everything Breastfeeding Mothers Need to Know About Power Pumping

The Magic of Your Mind

By Jayna Taylor-Smith About a year ago I learned about mindfulness for the first time. I spoke to experts in the mental health field and found out mindfulness was a practice similar to meditation, but it didn’t have to be done so formally. Mindfulness wasn’t just a practice, being mindful was a way of being. It’s giving your mind the power to control your thoughts … Continue reading The Magic of Your Mind

The Power of Believing in Yourself

By Alyssa Weiss We live in the age of comparison. Our Instagram feeds display our picture-perfect lives for thousands of followers to admire. We post our greatest achievements on Facebook so our hundreds of friends can stay in the loop. We make a Snapchat story every time we’re doing, eating or watching something impressive. In a time where social media is thriving, it’s only natural … Continue reading The Power of Believing in Yourself

Eight Tips for Powering Through New York City

By Brooke Bajgrowicz I had always wanted to go to New York City, so when given the opportunity over spring break, of course I took it. Taking on the Big Apple makes you feel like you can take on the world – it makes you feel powerful. So from a first-time New York tourist to you, here are eight pieces of advice for facing one … Continue reading Eight Tips for Powering Through New York City