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Mindful Living: The Little-Known, Big Impact Class at UF

By: Savannah Phillips The lights are dim. Relaxing music and a soft, soothing voice are the only noises within ear shot. The voice tells you to focus on your breath and let any other thoughts that don’t serve you fade away. You feel recharged, rejuvenated and ready to live life to the fullest.  This might […]

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Food on the Move: 5 Gainesville Food Truck Favorites

By Kacey Finch If you find Thanksgiving dinner a little too stationary, you’re in luck.  Gainesville is home to a hot food truck scene, featuring several rallies a year. In fact, the High Dive, located in downtown Gainesville, hosts a food truck rally every six weeks. The food truck vendors rotate constantly, making the food […]

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The Fun Isn’t Over if You’re Sober: Alcohol-Free Fun in Gainesville

By: Joshua Klafter As a bustling college town crammed with over 50,000 students, Gainesville is well-known for its bar and clubbing scenes. Whether it be the jam-packed Midtown or varied Downtown, having a good time in the swamp is most commonly associated with drinking. As someone who isn’t yet 21, I, unfortunately, can’t partake in […]