The Affect Movies Can Have in Real Life

Movies are one of the greatest art forms and greatest ways to share all types of stories to the public. Movies may seem to be only created to entertain and garner money, but they can be more than that. They can help people in real-life situations. For me, movies have helped me all throughout my life. Whenever I am watching a movie it is where I feel most comfortable, the most vulnerable and where I feel the safest.

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Book It: How to Accomplish Your Reading Goals

My love for literature started around first grade, with a feisty girl about the same age as I was: Junie B. Jones. I read those paperback books by Barbara Park like it was my job. On the school bus before school, in my room past my bedtime and even at recess if I was at a particularly climactic chapter, I’d immerse myself in the antics of the glasses-wearing, rule-breaking and kind-hearted Junie B

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Powerful Book Quotes That Stand The Test of Time

As some of the oldest pieces of entertainment on Earth, books have stood the test of time to still be some of the most powerful. A good book can take us to a different place, a different time or even a different universe. They can transport us from our tiny dorm rooms to the furthest end of the galaxy and, most importantly, they can inspire us to keep moving through whatever challenges we may be facing.