What’s The Deal With Time Zones?

By: Anagabriela Medina For those of us who travel a lot or have family and friends around the world, you know the struggle of trying to understand time zones. So, why exactly do they exist? Well, let’s bring in some science for this. If you remember, the Earth spins on an imaginary axis with each complete rotation taking 24 hours to complete, creating what we … Continue reading What’s The Deal With Time Zones?

Analog is So Much Classier Than Digital

By: Kathryn Williams When you think of time, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a clock, and I imagine, a clock face: a watch, an alarm clock, Big Ben. I doubt you thought of the Apple Watch. The first modern clock came to the world in 1511 thanks to Peter Henlein, a German inventor. It didn’t keep time correctly, and often … Continue reading Analog is So Much Classier Than Digital

No Time Like The Present

By: Colleen McTiernan Buying presents for friends and loved ones can be difficult. Finding the perfect gift while staying in budget takes more time than you usually expect. To help ease this process, here’s a list of some of my personal go-to present ideas.    Customized Wine Glass Drinking wine by itself is enjoyable, but drinking wine in your very own “Harry Potter” themed wine glass? … Continue reading No Time Like The Present