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Are You Too Old to Watch Disney+?

By: Katherine Lugo

We’ve all come to rely on the benefits of having little ones in the house. Whether it is your kids, your nieces and nephews or your younger siblings, they all serve one true purpose.

They are the most efficient excuse to watch Disney movies and shows without feeling too old, out of place or ashamed from your “childish” desire to watching Disney.

But truly, are you too old to watch Disney+? The answer to this question is ALWAYS no.

Maybe you grew up relating to Cory Matthews’ kind of hair day and wishing for Shawn or Topanga’s flawless hair or calling out with Eric for “Mr. FEE- EE -E-NY ” from across the Matthews’ fence in Boy Meets World.

Or maybe it’s the fact that you can finally binge-watch all episodes of Star Wars in the same place because you were THERE in May of 1977 to feel the force when the Millennium Falcon raced through the Galaxy for the first time!

Disney+ has something for everyone regardless of age.

The streaming on-demand service launched in November of 2019, and since then, it has served as a vault into all of our childhood’s favorites. With over 28 million subscribers, as reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier in February, subscriptions keep piling up with one thing in common. According to Chief Executive Robert Iger, Disney classic movies, The Simpsons and the Mandalorian have been among the most viewed since the launch.

The best part of it? It’s not that hard on your pocket. For only $6.99 a month, you can enjoy all those classic and new movies and shows you’ve come to love (BABY YODA!).

So, grab your beer, your wine and your favorite snacks. Sit back and enjoy it because you’re not alone. We’re not too old to watch Disney+.

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