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Are Rescued Animals Happier?

By: Kayla Price

Animals play a huge part in bringing happiness to other people’s lives, but what about their happiness? Those that have been welcomed into a loving home from having nothing seem to appreciate their new life.

My family is a big rescue family. We can’t seem to say no to an animal in need, no matter the circumstance. Our family dog, Bob, is the perfect example. We got a call about a malnourished Miniature Dachshund at a shelter that was set to be euthanized in a few days. So, we did what any animal loving family would do and cut our vacation short to go get Bob.

A friend had picked Bob up for us, so we went to her house to get him. At first, he was shaking and barking. Once we put his new collar on him, he immediately calmed down and cuddled up to us.

On the ride home, he fell sound asleep on my lap. Once home, I took his collar off for the night, and he took it out of my hand and held it in his mouth. He knew he was home for good. That was over 10 years ago.

We still have Bob, along with three other rescued animals, and he’s as happy as ever. He bounces around the house with his tail constantly wagging.

All of our rescues seem to have a new appreciation for life, as well as those rescued by friends and family. They seem to appreciate the small things more than pets that have been fortunate enough to have been loved their whole lives. Their positive outlook brings us joy and happiness, especially during the unhappy times of COVID-19.

Our rescued fur-friends looked forward to their happier days, and so can we!

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