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By: Anastasia Sims

There’s not a day goes by that we don’t use smart technology. For some, it’s Apple’s Siri on our phones giving us directions to where we need to go, and for others it’s as far as having Amazon’s Alexa control every technological aspect of their house. With the tech world pushing forward different innovations, it’s hard to remember a time where I couldn’t just hop on Google or yell at a device to tell me how old my favorite celebrity is or how to make lasagna. But in 2019, it is almost inevitable that we all use smart technology. But the question of usefulness over addiction remains the same.

Nowadays all technology seems smart. Cars are getting more and more capable of driving themselves, phones have face ID to unlock and you no longer even need a physical credit card to pay. It’s one of the few things that has the power to push all of us forward. With the constant updates or new devices coming out, we are faced with having to keep up and jump on the new trends that massive tech companies and CEOs dramatically release. Even the strongest willed people bend to tech trends.

As a young Millennial going on Gen Z, I crave anything that can help me get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Having to just speak into existence that I want the lights to be turned on seems so much easier than physically flipping the switch. It’s gotten as bad as using the technology that was made for making our lives smarter as a procrastination tool. Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot, technology that’s better known as Alexa, even comes with interactive games like Jeopardy. It feels like it’s begging me to play it. 

While it feels good to rely on this smart tech I have laying around my house, I am very aware of how dependent I am on them. But clearly this is not individual problem. We have become a society that is heavily reliant on our technology. Even though dependency has a negative connotation, using things that help improve our quality is not inherently bad. It just seems like the final frontier is having just one form of smart tech for everything we could ever want. And while that sounds idealistic and far down the line, remember that most things we take for granted now were once too futuristic.

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