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A College Student’s Guide to Friendsgiving

By Camille Graham

While family Thanksgiving may call to mind dry stuffing, stuffy dinners and that one great aunt that insists on kissing you on the lips, it’s also the origin for my favorite holiday: Friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving, by its very nature, is a time to gather your friends – your college family – and feast. It’s not about fanciful cooking or perfectly coordinated plaid place settings. It’s about enjoying each other’s company and sharing a meal. With that in mind, I give you a low budget, last-minute Friendsgiving menu:


I know that turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving, but if we’re being honest, I don’t have the time, kitchen space or desire to handle 15 lbs. of raw meat, even for my favorite holiday. Instead, opt for a nice friendly bag of frozen chicken nuggets, maybe even of the dinosaur variety. Trade your turkey gravy for some ketchup or honey mustard and we’re in action.


Throw a bone to your vegetarian and vegan friends when you choose Friendsgiving sides. A generous serving of mac and cheese (yes, Kraft from a box is just fine) and a nice garden salad is a good starting point for this area.

It’s my personal belief that potatoes are the unsung hero of the holiday season and Friendsgiving is no exception. I won’t tell you what type of potato dish to provide because they’re all good. French fries, tater tots, mashed, roasted, microwaved – all potatoes are good potatoes.


Tip your hat to traditional Thanksgiving and buy a nice (premade) pumpkin or pecan pie. For those of us that think it’s weird to eat pie solely made of nuts or pureed gourds, Publix chocolate chip cookies are an excellent substitute.


Your tap water is just fine here honey. Pick up a case of La Croix and a bottle or two of Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s if you’re feeling wild.

All it takes to plan a bare-bones Friendsgiving is some creativity, a quick trip to Publix and a Venmo request to your friends for grocery money.Obviously, this Friendsgiving menu isn’t about good food necessarily. Take the time to be thankful for your friendship and for the mass-produced GMO vegetables that made this pseudo-holiday possible. Save me a dino nugget while you’re at it.