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3 Ways to really Keep Mind Over Matter

By Karla Arboleda

You already know that self-care doesn’t have to come in the form of a face mask, but how aware are you of putting yourself first? When it comes to putting your best foot forward it should be with you in mind over other people’s opinions because you make your matter. The way we want to be perceived sometimes takes precedence when it comes to making ourselves happy; it’s time to choose to put your mind over everyone else’s matter.

  1. Spending time outside

The National Alliance for Mental Illness says protecting your physical health helps with keeping your stress in check. Realistically, time goes by and we are preoccupied with everything else loaded onto our plates on a daily basis. Choosing a situation where you don’t have to socialize or put energy into other people’s feelings is extremely rewarding, and if you don’t have time for the recommended 30 minutes of exercise, think about opting for some downtime by yourself with fresh air versus putting energy into social interactions.

2. Eating Differently Like Your Usual

The guilt that is often associated with body image, eating habits, dietary restrictions and diets in general can lead to being less aware about your health and more aware about opinions other people may have on you. Instead of being focused on a specific diet that may or may not suit you, you could keep in mind that what you like best is actually what is best for you. Who cares what you’re having if it means you enjoy it? Keep a good mindset on what makes your body feel good about itself, be aware of the things you like most and remember that you’re eating purely for yourself.

3. Relaxing for real
Meditating, listening to music and doing yoga seem to be pretty staple recommendations when it comes to searching for mental health tips, but if you can’t ease into it just yet, do what feels right. If your first choice for a chill out session is going to a club meeting or seeing a music show by yourself, the liberating feeling once you are doing your own thing entirely is worth getting outside of your comfort zone for just a second.

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